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The baby tennis racket (or is it racquet?) is a firm favourite amongst babies, which is surprising as they can’t hold it till they are a little bit older.  The baby tennis racket soon becomes a baby’s best friend.   In the really early months, we find babies actually just like to hug it.  When babies get older, they start to swing it and get enjoyment from the rattle in the ball and the squeaker in the handle.  It is a great comfort toy for many babies.  For this reason, babies enjoy the tennis racket for a much longer period than they do most toys.  It grows with them and they get to enjoy it in different ways as they grow older.

We understand that babies can’t play tennis.  When we designed the baby tennis racket, we told the designer it had to look like a real tennis racket.  We also said it had to be a great developmental toy with all the squeaks and sounds that babies love and it also had to have an amazing “ahhhh” factor – as in “ahhh – isn’t that cute”.  In hindsight, we came up with a pretty amazing baby toy.

We regularly supply the British Lawn Tennis Association with tennis rackets.  Several Grand Slam champions have brought baby tennis rackets or been given them (we respect their privacy and we can’t say more than that).    It was sold at the Australian Open.  Our baby tennis racket has featured in Wimbledon Today on the BBC.  It nearly featured in the amazing #thismama advert for Chase Manhattan with Serena Williams and her baby – but cut from the final edit.  It is an amazing little gift to a baby.

Measures 5.1 x 17.8 x 24.9 cm