Rugby Football

When we were told that babies can’t play football, we took it as a challenge.  We wanted to create a unique range of toys so that babies could play football too.  It’s a classic football – similar to rugby and American football, ideal for girls and boys.

Our ball plays a prominent part in our multi sport activity gym.  From one of the arches, hangs a ball which roars when you score a touchdown.  It actually just roars when you hit it!  We like the stadium – we like to think of it as a mini SuperBowl.  Maybe your baby can be the half time show.

We recently added the security blankets to the range.  We really like our cute little Rhino – we call him Floppy, as he is cute as!  The security blanket and the teddy bear would make a great present together, as it is the same character in both.

Football rattle is a great toy – very simple but we did not want to reinvent a great toy.  We simply added a classic football to a great rattle and we find that babies love it.