Multi Sport Baby Activity Gym

The multi sport baby activity gym is unique in the baby world as it is the only baby gym featuring football, baseball, soccer and basketball themes.  The football roars when your baby makes that memorable first touch down and they can watch all the action live in the mirror.  We even built it like a stadium with a row of adoring fans around the outside.

Our baby shower idea was to create a baby gym for families that love sport.  The play mat comes with two arches which can be attached or detached.  With the arches up, this activity gym is ideal during the early months when your baby still can not sit upright.  After all, it is not just top performing athletes that need to work on their core strength, babies need to work on theirs too.  For a baby, learning to sit upright is their a major milestone, the baby equivalent of a gold medal.  This gym is great for tummy time as the play mat is padded.  When they get older and stronger, you can take the arches down and you have a great play mat.  You can even take it down to the park.

This baby activity gym is unique.  If the jungle and nautical themes don’t cut it for you and your baby, we highly recommend the Little Sport Star gym – it’s a great way to remember your first game!