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The first golf club for babies

Product code: 22003

The golf club was one of our original soft toys.

Read below what inspired me to design this toy and how it helps your baby develop their hand-eye coordination.


Everything you need to know

Product description

I want to help families enjoy golf as much as I did when I was growing up. I invented this golf toy first (with the tennis racket) as they were both sports that were closest to my family. Growing up, I would play together and I have very fond memories of the time I spent with my mum learning to swing a golf club or a tennis racket with my mother.

With the help of this soft toy, I want to help parents find a toy that they can play together with their baby. The basic principles of playing with the baby golf club are similar to the first shots I made - it is all about the swing. You can perfect your technique later. For the moment, just let your baby enjoy swinging a club and having fun.

It is really amazing to see your baby pick up your favourite sport, when they can't even walk or talk. By the age of one, your baby will already be having so much fun and already sharing your passion for the game. Rory McIlroy was two when he started playing golf. I sometimes wonder how good he would have been if he had started playing from the day he was born!

This golf club is different. For a start, the ball is attached to the golf club. I know that would never be approved by the Royal and Ancient. No, we want babies to always hit a winning shot and there is no point if the ball runs away from them. By consistently striking the ball, your baby is learning about cause and effect, and hopefully developing a bit of hand-eye coordination at the same time.

There are so many additional features to this golf club than meet the eye. There is a squeaker in the handle and a rattle in the ball. The ball is connected to the club by an elasticated strap. The colours are bright - and we deliberately combine red, black and white in the handle because these are the colours that babies identify with first.

The golf club has a face, but this toy has no name. We will leave that up to you - in fact, you can choose a name and decide whether the golf club is a boy or a girl. We want to release your babies imagination and for them to have fun playing.

The golf club tends to sell very quickly around major golf tournaments so don't be disappointed, buy it now.