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The football security blanket

Product code: 22036

We asked our designer to develop a security blanket which would comfort babies, has a cute factor and with a football theme.

Scroll below to read the story how we developed this comfort blanket and why we were surprised when it went onto become a best seller in the USA.


Everything you need to know

Product description

Our designers have many years of experience but they have not worked on sports toys before.  They advised me that babies find it most comforting if their security blankets have character.  We tested various ideas but our favourite was our cute little dog clinging onto his blanket.

His cute nose, one black eye and floppy ears are adorable.  I love the way that the black and white ball matches the colour of our little doggie.  The combination works well together.

The blanket is sewn to the dog, so they are inseparable.   Hopefully, your little one will be equally attached to this security blanket.  Some people say that it is best to buy three security blankets for this reason.  Whilst one is being used, the other is in the wash and the third is your back up. Some people would rather have a back-up than separate their baby from their security blanket.  But that's your choice!

I have to admit I was totally surprised when this football toys took off in the USA.  I had no idea how much the US love their football - or soccer as they call it.  In the US soccer is gaining popularity and is seen by many as safer than American Football. We are now selling as many football security blankets as baseball and American football toys.  I am happy, football is a great game.  We first sold this toy in Walmart, where it has become a big success.

What age is this suitable for?  It is a really common question.  Some babies are given security blankets from birth and can't be separated from them for years.  I know a friend of my daughter who is at school and still needs her security blanket for a good nights sleep.

Have a look at our football teddy which features the same little doggie.  If you are looking for a gift idea, these two together make a wonderful gift for a family that loves football.out.