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Football Teddy

Product code: 22030

Do you want to give a special baby a head start in life? Introduce them to football early with this Football Teddy and football security blanket in 2018.

0-24 months. Suitable from birth.

Read about our football dog below.


Everything you need to know

Product description

If you are looking for an inspirational baby gift for someone that loves football, then you are not alone and we have the solution.

Our Football teddy appeals to parents and friends who want to find a special baby a fit and healthy head start to life by introducing a baby to football early. A whole future of football fun lies ahead.

Our football is actually the ideal baby present for all football families. The black and white provide really great stimulation for your baby will love and the sound chip, which "cheers" when your baby plays with it. It is soft and cuddly, great for your babies well being and sleep so they dream of the beautiful game.

Look out for the our football comfort blanket which makes the perfect strike partner for this toy.