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Football baby activity gym and play mat

Product code: 22000

Our football baby activity gym helps mums and dads play football with their newborn baby from day one on. When your baby has outgrown the arches, the base becomes a great football play mat so this gym has extra play time added already included.

If you want to know the story how we designed this gym, read below.

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Everything you need to know

Product description

When my daughter was born, I was shocked that there were no toys that fellow dads might like. Everything was a bit too pink and fluffy.


My wife and I had a chat and we thought if we could find a theme that helps parents play with their baby, our toys would be a winner. We quickly came up with sports-themed toys as we both love sport. This activity gym was one of our first toys; designed to help mums and dads play together.


The first thing you need to know about our baby activity gym and play mat is that it is based on a fictional football pitch.  We have been told it is like Wembley, because it has arches. That's just a coincidence.  The arches are actually really useful to hang the toys from, including the Little Sport Star football, which babies love.  When your baby kicks the ball, it cheers!


Every footballer needs a fan club.  Let's face it, your babies biggest fan will always be you but we want your baby to have lots of supporters from day one.  If you look at the padded walls, we have created your baby's very own, ready-made fan club. The walls fold up or your baby can lay them flat, that's your choice.


The cute fans are there to support your baby. You get to choose between playing with your newborn star or getting on with your household chores.  There is so stimulation for your baby when they lie on the super soft green play mat. There are the "danglies", the little toys that hand down from the arches. They can practice scoring goals or simply enjoying some quality tummy time. It is all pretty exhausting when you are less than one, so when playtime is over, let them enjoy a nap of honour.


We appreciate that technology plays a big part in football these days.  We like to watch the action as it happens.  Not surprisingly, babies do too.  However, we didn't want to over sophisticate our gym, so babies can watch all the action in the simple mirror that is provided. Alternatively, you can film the action on your phone to send it to the rest of the family when they are at work or when they are preoccupied with another match on TV.


Another great feature about this activity gym and play mat, is that it is well suited for dribblers.  Literally, dribbling. After all, dribbling is what babies do best.  That is right, the play mat is machine washable. Some people recommend freezing toys to kill off any nasties but sometimes a washing machine is best.


Of course, you don't need to watch from the sidelines.  Modern parents are very hands-on and want to join in the action. We strongly believe in playing together. As this is one of the bigger activity gyms in the premier league of play mats, there is space for dad to climb in too. I know, I tested it!  When laid flat with the sides up, the pitch is 83cm x 83cm. Without the walls, the play mat is 1.10cm x 1.10cm.


One of the major differences in activity gyms is the amount of padding used.  We find babies play best when they are comfortable.  We have done the research on our opposition in the activity gym market and our observation was that several gyms don't actually have any padding at all. This is the main differentiating factor in the quality of play mats.  We wanted to make sure our gym is nice and soft.


We are proud of our gym and offer great after sales care. When you buy from this website, we like to think you are part of the Little Sport Star team. If you are in any doubt, this gym comes highly recommended. However, we are an small independent company and our stock is limited, so please order it now to avoid disappointment.


Why we created Little Sport Star

Nick and his wife had an amazing baby shower idea, to start a unique range of sports themed toys. They called the brand Little Sport Star. They wanted other parents to enjoy their favourite sports with their babies. Their baby shower idea caught on. By 2016 Little Sport Star was available in iconic stores such as Toys R Us and in 2018 were delighted when Serena Williams gave the baby tennis racket to her daughter, Olympia.