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Baby tennis racket

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I want it to help parents enjoy playing together with their baby.

Scroll down to read the story behind our baby tennis racket and why it is such a winner with babies.


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Product description

We have met lots of first-time parents who play tennis and longing for their baby to follow in their footsteps when they are older. Sometimes we meet relatives and friends who love tennis so much, they also want to share their love of the game.

In the first few years of a baby's life, it can seem to a parent that everything is put on hold for the baby. Naturally, the baby always comes first. If you are a tennis player, that's pretty frustrating as babies can't play tennis. The parents might have plans to teach them tennis, but to be honest, it all seems a bit distant when their baby can't even sit upright. When you have a newborn, your focus is getting through the day, not what they will be doing in five, ten, 20 years time!

My wife and I had the same dilemma. Before our daughter was born, we played tennis regularly. We actually met at a tennis club and we would play during the week after work and most weekends. A lot.

Everything changed when our daughter, Nina, was born. For a start, we found it difficult to play together because one of us had to look after the baby. Then we realised we could play during her nap time so we would park the pram at the back of the court, whilst we played. We loved those moments, playing together and it felt Nina was part of it too.

Those days gave us the inspiration for Little Sport Star.

We have tried to make it simple for parents to enjoy tennis with our baby tennis racket from day one so that mums and dads can enjoy being fit and healthy and their baby can play together too.

When you order the racket, we will try to deliver for the next day. Then when you receive your baby tennis racket, all you have to do is give it to your baby and you will be surprised what happens next. A lot of babies like to cuddle it - there is something about the shape, that babies just love to cuddle. As they get older, maybe 6 months plus, they will realise that they can hit the ball - and, excuse the pun, that starts "a whole new ball game".

- The ball rattles, the handle squeaks.

- The colours are bright and stimulating for your baby.

- Every time they hit the ball, you know your baby is getting great stimulus - and it is brilliant for their hand-eye coordination.

We have won a lot of awards and we hear from lots of parents whose lives have been transformed by the little baby tennis racket. We are grateful for the awards and have read all the letters, but one letter stands out. It came all the way from a neo-natal nurse in Hawaii.
"Aloha from Hawaii Nick,

I received my baby tennis racket in the mail the other day, just fine, no problems.

Thank you so much. I absolutely love it.

I just wanted to let you know who I purchased it for.

I am a Neonatal Nurse here in Hawaii. I take care of premature and sick babies. Some of our babies have to stay in our unit for months. There is a point in their hospitalisation when they have gotten out of their critical stage and just need to grow and mature before they can go home. It is during this time when they are in their cribs where they can now accept developmental stimulation because frankly, they get bored! I bought the Little Sport Star tennis racket because the parents of this little baby I care for are tennis players. They were thrilled when they received the gift and to know that she received her first tennis racket in our NICU! Ha!

The developmental stimulation this little baby girl now receives from it is absolutely priceless. I couldn't find anything like it on the island of Oahu where I live, but thankfully found your wonderful company on the web.

Mahalo (that's thank you in Hawaii) for this wonderful product!!

With Warmest Aloha,