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Baby tennis racket

Product code: 22002

Do you want to help your child reach their developmental milestones and have fun playing tennis at the same time?

Can a cute baby tennis racket help really develop fine motor skills from a young age?

We believe our baby tennis racket can help because it has been approved and recommended by so many people. Five star reviews and approved by Mums, Dads and the Baby Industry. Our baby tennis racket has featured in The Sunday Telegraph, The Times, Entrepreneur, Inc! Gurgle Magazine, and Junior.

Your money back if you are not happy.

An ace deal, a love match, a real smash for everyone!


Everything you need to know

Product description

Do you want to try the latest toy to develop your child's fine motor skills? It does not matter if you are a tennis player or not, proud parents want to see their child develop and to hit those early developmental milestones.

The best tennis players are extremely coordinated and so we thought it would be fun to develop a tennis racket for babies and toddlers. We believe our baby tennis racket is soft enough for babies and provides the right stimulation to develop a baby's hand-eye coordination. It is also fun to play with.

When playing with this baby tennis racket, babies are developing fine motor skills which they can rely on in later life. They learn about cause and effect when they hit the ball and take comfort in cuddling it after the game. It's tried and tested, a winning toy and a favourite with so many babies all over the world.

The Little Sport Star baby tennis racket has won best baby toy on UK Mums TV, is recommended by the Dad Network and is recognised by the UK nursery industry products association. It has appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, the Times and the Guardian. We are so confident in our toy, that we will give you your money back if you are not satisfied!

Whether you want to see your child grow up playing tennis or just want your child to be well-coordinated, this is a great toy for any baby.