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Baby Golf Club

Product code: SD-4NQ4-RNE5

A British Designed Baby Golf Club.

Each club is hand made by specialists with the love and attention to details that ensure your baby or toddler happy and entertained, whilst playing golf.


Everything you need to know

Product description

We designed our Baby Golf Club for those people who want to give a golfing gift to a young baby. This is the ideal git for a baby - from birth until they are walking. As soon as they are walking, we recommend a plastic set of clubs, but until they are big enough, this is the only baby golf club. There are lots of baby grows that say something cute like "I want to play golf like my daddy", but this is the only baby golf club.

In our quest to raise fit and healthy babies, we agree that golf is a great sport. There is no better sport for hand-eye coordination than golf, but we cheated and attached the ball to the club.

As well as fun, this baby golf club is designed to stimulate babies and help them with their early development.

- the handle squeaks

- the ball rattles

- it is bright and colourful.

Here is what one loyal Little Sport Star customer wrote:

"Granddad bought this for my daughter. She loves playing with it, and granddad loves demonstrating with it too. In fact, it is a great toy for any family who likes golf. The handle squeaks and the ball rattles. it's super soft, so ideal for babies. Brilliant idea, another great toy from Little Sport Star."

Give your baby the best start in life. Don't let your baby watch a screen, play golf instead!