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Baby Football Activity Gym and Play Mat

Product code: 22000

This is our award winning baby activity gym that lets you play football with your baby.

In 2018 it was recommended by The Dads Net and in 2019 won the “Best Baby Gym” 2019 at the Nursery Industry Product Association awards.

Read below how we came up with the idea for this gym.



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Everything you need to know

Product description

The story of the world’s first football baby activity gym.

My wife and I had the amazing idea for this baby gym when we were invited to a baby shower. Not our own, but my wife was heavily pregnant. Usual baby shower - lots of nice presents, very generous, but really, we thought there was nothing to help parents play together.  Everything was a bit too pink and fluffy. We were astonished how few toys had real appeal to both mums and dads.

We decided that when our baby was born, we wanted to play together.

My wife had this amazing idea; to create a baby football stadium!

We realised football would be an ideal theme for baby toys and we agreed that playing together should be one of our core values at Little Sport Star.

I spoke to our designer.  I told her to design about our football stadium and she helped develop our baby activity gym with a football theme. I insisted the gym had to be cute!  We talk a lot about "the "aww!" factor".  

We wanted both parents to be able to say:

aww! isn't that cute!.

However, we also want to make a gym that Dad would tell his mates about, or even show his colleagues. How many dads tell their mates about a baby toy?! Not many.

Our designer, who has worked on several major brands, insisted we make an interactive baby activity gym.  With our unique theme, we also we wanted to create a gym that rivalled other sensory and developmental toys.  

It was easier than we thought. A black and white football already provides a lot more stimulus than a lot of hanging toys in traditional baby gyms. Babies love black and white football and the sound chip that “cheers” when you score, is really cute.  

It is no joke when we say we tried to think of everything.

Even the walls are interactive!

We develop a little baby crowd to cheer on your little one.

We developed adorable two little players.  One is red, the other blue. There is no intention to draw similarities to any well-known teams; but it is really hard to keep everyone happy.  Your baby will also notice that one of the players squeaks, the other rattles.

I realised that technology has become a big part of football these days.  I wanted to break away from tech, so for instant replays, your baby can watch themself in the mirror.  
Babies love the mirror. They love to watch themselves. They also love the reflections. Mirrors are great stimulation for babies.  

If you want to record the action to share with your family and friends, I am afraid you must use your phone.  If you share a video on Instagram with the hashtag #littlesportstar, I will send you a free rattle!  (Don't forget to follow us and send me your address.)

Other things you need to know about our gym.  It is probably one of the best-padded gyms on the market.  We don't want any bruised knees when your baby rolls over.   It is a good size - 80cm x 80cm, and the padded walls are 12cm high.

This gym has gone onto to win "best baby activity gym 2019" at the Nursery Industry Product Association awards and was recommended by The Dad Net.  It is a firm favourite with the WAGs, ideal for a baby shower gift or a present for a newborn.

Finally, a word about quality. It was tough starting off by ourselves. To ensure the quality of our toys was excellent, we partnered with one of the most amazing toy companies in the world. They loved it so much they said I should keep my brand name, Little Sport Star. They also make Disney, Peter Rabbit, Guess How Much I Love You, Eric Carle the Hungry Caterpillar, lots of really big names. Let's hope we are as famous as that in the future.

And just one more thing. Thanks for reading this far but one comment. Although this baby activity gym is suitable for babies, there is just enough space for a dad in there too... (I know, I tested it!).