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All sport baby activity gym and play mat

Product code: 22015

A baby activity gym and play mat featuring baseball, football, soccer and basketball


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Everything you need to know

Product description

<p>We designed the all sport baby activity gym and play mat for families who love sport.</p>

<p>Introduce your baby to baseball, basketball, soccer and football. The play mat is super soft and provides lots of fun for your baby. </p>

<p>The walls of the gym fold up or down and the arches are detachable. </p>

<p>Fans decorate the walls of the gym to cheer your baby on as they discover their favourite sports. </p>

<p>We recommend attaching the arches for your babies and that you take them down when your baby is able to sit up by themselves. It's your choice - some babies like to keep the arches up.

<p>Without the arches, the play mat makes a great mat - perfect for rolling on or practising tummy time. </p>

<p>The baby gym includes a mirror which provides instant replays of all the action on the pitch and is great stimulus for your baby, whose eyes will be slowly adapting to different colours and light.</p>

<p>Laid flat, the gym is 110cm x 110cm.  With the walls up, it is about 95cm x 95cm.</p>