Our aim is to be the number one sports themed baby toy brand in the world so we want to keep you and your baby to be happy. So far, our returns policy has been one of our strong points, because we want you to tell your friends what a great company Little Sport Star is.

To date we have had a very simple returns policy.

In the event that something is wrong with baby toy, we ask that you let us know. Is it faulty, did it not meet your expectation or the product description?

One person had not appreciated that our baby baseball bat was small enough for a baby to hold and she had bought it for an older child so we reimbursed them.

Where appropriate, send us an e-mail explaining what the issue is. It really helps if you can send a photo or even a video.

Don’t forget to send us your name, address and phone number. It is useful information that we need to arrange a replacement.

We will try to put the situation right as quickly as possible.