Following a brute force cyber attack, we now only accept Paypal

13th July 2021 nickfarnsworth

Our aim at Little Sport Star is to make it as safe and easy for you to purchase our toys as possible.  However the ease of payment was put to the test in April this year when our website came under a brute force cyber attack.

Behind the scenes of any transaction, I rely on experienced payment professionals to support my business to ensure that each transaction is secure and your credit card details are safe.  I rely on them.

When my website was attacked in March, my payment provider (Global Payments) quickly stepped in and blocked the attackers IP address.  However, they charged me a fee of several thousand pounds for their intervention – equivalent of more than £1,000 per minute which I simply cannot afford.    

The bottom line is that Little Sport Star is a small business trying to grow into a big business.    Specifically, we want to invest in new toys and whilst we stay with Global Payments, there is a risk that the same can happen again.  For this reason I have turned off some of their payment service until further notice.  

As you can imagine, we want to grow the Little Sport Star business and we rely on our business partners to share our vision, not to penalise us for being attacked by cruel fraudsters.  As it stands, Global Payments make more money from our business when the website is attached, than when it is not being attacked, and this seems unfair.    

We have noticed that more than 70% of our customers use PayPal now and so going forward, we will only accept payment by Paypal.  I apologise for those who rely on credit card payments, however it is not an option we can afford to offer anymore.  

For any questions about payment issues, please get in touch (UK) 07917 123284 or (USA) +1 978 415 9936.