Sport beats screen time any day

10th October 2019 nickfarnsworth

When the World Health Organisation announced that childhood obesity has increased for the fourth year consecutively first time parents could either choose to ignore the finding or decide to take action.

Dietary choice is something that parents can address. However, parents can also consider whether their chilren are getting enough exercise and what they can do to support an active lifestyle.

Many of today’s first-time parents grew up playing sport from an early age so they are worried that children now seem happier turning to a screen than running around outdoors. In addition to poor dietary choices, parents fear that that lack of exercise is one of the major causes of childhood obesity.

Despite the gloom of the World Health Organisation findings, millennial parents are finding new ways of introducing their children to sport from birth so that their children can grow up fit and healthy.

I am the founder of Little Sport Star, Nick Farnsworth, and I feel for the first-time parents as they enter the world of parenting. My wife and I knew were in the same boat. We both enjoyed playing sports from school into adulthood and we look forward to playing into our retirement but we are worried that our children will be happier watching their screens.

We are no saints – we have as much IT in the house as many. We found how convenient it is to turn to a screen when we just wanted a few minutes of peace. However, IT has its place and we are always know that there are healthier alternatives. My frustrations led me to create our unique brand of sports-inspired toys, Little Sport Star.

I am the father of two young children. I want to make it as simple as possible for parents to give their baby the best start in life by introducing their baby to sport early. Our toys need no explanation. When customers buy from the website, they just need to hand the toy to their baby and watch them play.

We love it when babies start cuddling they toy, and as they grow older they start to hit or kick the ball and you can see their little faces light up with excitement. We love it because parents are already planting the idea that sport is fun and showing their baby that there are better alternatives to the screen.

Since we started the company we have heard from many parents who love what we are creating. Parents love watching their baby sharing follow in their footsteps, sharing a love of sport. We love it when parents tell their friends or share photos of their babies hitting their first tennis ball or kicking their first football because it justifies why we started Little Sport Star in the first place.

The fun does not have to stop. As babies become toddlers, there are now a plethora of toddler clubs and courses that allow children to develop their interest in sport – from weekly sessions of football, rugby, tennis, gymnastics. One of my favourites is Sport Diddy – a dad who has come up with some truly creative ways to teach his kids basic skills.

Through sport, babies and toddlers, girls and boys, can have fun whilst learning skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, teamwork which they will need at school. They also learn vital life skills such as grit and perseverance, which will carry them through life.

We started Little Sport Star started in 2012 from the kitchen table and the business has grown massively. We now sell across the world, including the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Australia. Little Sport Star is an award-winning brand of baby toys, which has won awards with Mummy organisations, such as MUMii, Junior and BANTA, Dad organisations such as The Dads Net and trade bodies, such as the Nursery Industry Product Association and the Baby Products Association.