Family Day at the Masters Golf

12th April 2019 nickfarnsworth

Can you imagine taking your kids around Augusta? No way! I would be so worried they would would run riot that I would not be able to play!

Nevertheless I have been digging into the origins of Family Day at the Masters Golf, Augusta. There have been some fantastic photos of golfers and their children on the course at Augusta. It is reputed to be the most beautiful of courses and the family day certainly creates a special atmosphere. Seriously, imagine your kids on such a prestigious course being watched by the world?

Family day is a Par 3 Contest that was introduced in 1960. In that year it was won by Sam “The Slammer” Snead.

Family Day has traditionally been played on the Wednesday before the tournament starts. The course was built in 1958. It is a nine-hole course, with a par of 27, and measures 1,060 yards (970 m) in length. Possibly the most prestigious pitch and putt course in the world?!

“There have been 94 holes-in-one in the history of the contest, with a record nine occurring in 2016. Camilo Villegas became the first player to card two holes-in-one in the same round in 2015. No par 3 contest winner has also won the Masters in the same year. There have been several repeat winners, including Pádraig Harrington, Sandy Lyle, Sam Snead, and Tom Watson. The former two won in successive years”. Thanks Wikipedia for the stats!

This event is special as the golfers may use their children as caddies (and even babies, the rules are pretty lax but you need to qualify in the first place! The front image is Sergio Garcia), which helps to create a family-friendly atmosphere which has become a popular on TV since it was first televised by ESPN in 2008.

The winner wins a crystal bowl. Just don’t let the kids play with the bowl.