Three things you need to know about baby toys

15th August 2018 lssproduction

I am Nick, the daddy of Little Sport Star and here are three things I recommend you look for when choosing a new baby toy.  I created Little Sport Star when my baby was born and we have gone onto become one of the pioneers in Sports Themed Baby Toys so I like to think I know a little about baby toys.

The idea for Little Sport Star was a baby shower idea. My wife and I thought it was a great idea but we were at the time inexperienced in the baby toy sector.  Despite our lack of experience, between us we have what it takes to create a great toy.   We work with some of the best designers and manufacturers around to achieve our baby goal.

So, here are three things we recommend you look for in baby toys:

1. Baby Safety

The safety of your baby must always come first.  You have to feel comfortable with the toy but you can start by checking that it meets safety standards.  There are various safety standards for baby toys. In the US, toys are tested for USTI standards and in Europe, we test for EN71. We test for both.

2. Age appropriate toys

Try to find toys that are age appropriate. There is a big difference between a newborn baby toy and what a 6 month old will be interested in.

Most baby activity gyms and play mats focus on a variety of colors, whereas actually newborn babies are looking for the simple contrast between black and white. For this reason the black and white soccer ball is ideal when they are newborns. We found that as babies start to get older, they actually start to play ball.  Some toys stand the test of time and it can be really cute to watch your baby evolve with the toy, in our case from spectators to players. This leads us on nicely to our third point.

3. Longevity

I hate to admit it, but your baby will only be a baby for a short time. That means babies may love some toys for a very short period only. When they are so small, even playing for a toy for a couple of weeks seems like a long time and will be deemed by many to be a good toy.

We spent a lot of time developing age appropriate toys only to find that babies treated our toys in ways we never expected. Instead of swinging the baby tennis racket, we realised that a lot of babies just wanted to hug it, like a security blanket. It is surprising, but the baby tennis racket is one of the most loved toys that we make and loved by babies until they are toddlers.  They just find different ways of playing with it.

If you have other suggestions what makes a great baby toy, please let us know.

I hope you enjoyed our three, for starters!