Baby shower idea: when and how we started Little Sport Star

Little Sport Star started as an idea at a baby shower. My wife and I wanted to find unique baby gifts for other families that loved sport. We had tried finding gifts for expecting parents that had sports themes – baby tennis rackets for tennis players, baby golf clubs for golfers, baseball bats for babies – but we could not find what we were looking for. We found lots of amazing baby toys, but not sporty ones.

Skip a few years, we launched Little Sport Star at the local baby show. Within weeks, we were impressed with how many friends, parents, grand parents, supported our venture. “I can’t believe no one has made that before!” was a common reaction.

Our first break in the US was in 2015. I remember the day well. I flew to Las Vegas to meet Kids Preferred, who were exhibiting at one of the premier baby shows in the US. Kids Preferred are known for their superior plush toys, and they were highly recommended by their peers in the American baby and toy industry. On day one of the show, I asked them if they would consider working with me, and was positively surprised when they agreed. The rest is history.

There have been highs and lows since we started the business. I was over the moon when we launched in Toys R Us but gutted when it closed. It was great when Buy Buy Baby offered to stock our activity gym and play mat. I was delighted when Serena Williams’ agent asked if we could use our baby tennis racket for an ad for Chase Manhattan bank – sadly, we missed the final cut, but at least we knew Serena liked our toys.

However, if there is one thing that has got my goat since starting the company, it is being told that girls don’t play sport. Of course they do. My daughter was the inspiration for Little Sport Star and without her, I would not have started making the best baby toys for sporty families. Our aim is give all babies, boys and girls, the opportunity to enjoy sport with their parents from day one. There as many women athletes as there are men and they deserve to be treated equally. As the father of a little girls, I am inspired by Serena Williams who asked the organisers of Wimbledon to close their eyes and imagine being a little girl who trains for years only to “… get to [the Wimbledon final], and you’re told you’re not the same as a boy …”.

So, boys and girls, we hope you enjoy visiting our website, you are all welcome here!

Nick Farnsworth