About Us

“My wife and I decided to start making toys when our daughter was born. She arrived kicking and full of energy, so I knew she would be a Little Sport Star.

We made our first toys just in time for our second child who became our chief tester. He loved the tennis toy most which pleased his mom!

We have discovered that there are lots of parents, like us, who love sport and who want to play with their little ones.

Little Sport Star started off with football, now we have activity gyms, rattles, zippees, blankies that are available in some of the biggest stores in the world.

In October our story is featured in British Airways in flight magazine. We were previously featured The Entrepreneur in the US, The Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian newspaper in the UK. Our tennis racket has also been featured by John McEnroe on the BBC on Wimbledon Today.

As a dad who started a business, I also write a guest blog for the The Dad Network which is popular in the US and UK.”

Meet the Team

Nick, our daddy

Nick is the daddy who started Little Sport Star. He was inspired to make baby toys when his daughter was born because he wanted to make toys that parents could enjoy with their babies. Nick has always enjoyed sport but perhaps his biggest prize was meeting his wife over a game of tennis. They went on to have two children, Nina and Lucas. We will keep you posted if they go onto become tennis players. At the moment, Nina likes gymnastics and Lucas loves basketball, and Lego minifigures.

Caz, our Designer

Caz is a product & packaging designer with an innovative and varied portfolio of eye-catching design across various FMCG sectors: Health & Beauty, Toys, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Food & Drink, Confectionery, Chocolate & Gifting.

Caz started with Little Sport Star on day one and has been our best kept secret, until I wrote this. With over 20 years experience, she has worked with many companies from small start-ups to multi-national brands such as Hasbro, E1 and Nickleodeon and so has a full understanding of what it takes to see a project from concept stage sketches through to a finished product ready for retail.

Caz has worked with all the major brand licensing companies and has designed many products for well-known pre-school and kids brands such as Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and My Little Pony.

Her young family keeps Caz on her toes and so she has an admiring audience to review her Little Sports Star baby toy designs!